Innovating for a better financial future

We believe cross-border payments should be instant, inexpensive, and inclusive to all.

We offer B2B SaaS API infrastructure that our clients can easily integrate with to join our network.

Our goal is to address the challenges of slow, expensive, and opaque cross-border payments.

Our clients include banks, central banks, payment service providers, payment companies, enterprise businesses, eCommerce market places, and mobile app companies.

We strive to lead the cross-border payment industry by innovating and creating cutting-edge technology that helps millions worldwide.

Building trust through transparency

Cross border payments should be...


Our fees and exchange rates are transparent and competitive.


We offer timely updates on your transaction progress at every step.


Sending money should be fast and easy. Most of our transfers are instant.

Driving financial inclusion

In this day and age, everyone needs to have access to financial services. It's a right, not a privilege, and we're committed to making it happen!

Instarails is your “go-to” partner, to deliver funds through various methods such as cash delivery, cash pickup, or mobile app.

Instarails partners with companies across the globe to make money accessible to all.