Send secure payments to 75+ countries

Transparent Pricing - No Hidden Fees or Markups

Our customers love our instant payments

Our payments are fast — the majority arrive within one minute*.

We pay directly to bank accounts, mobile wallets, cash pickup, or delivery.

*Transaction speed can differ based on location and other factors and may not be universally applicable.

Business-to-Business B2B Payments:

We simplify cross-border payments for businesses. Our secure and reliable service lets you pay contractors, workers, suppliers, and other business entities easily.

Business-to-Consumer B2C Payments:

Our system simplifies paying employees and contractors worldwide while saving on fees and avoiding complicated procedures. Streamline your global payments with us today.

Consumer-to-Consumer C2C Payments:

Instarails offers a secure and fast C2C payment service for international transfers. Your customers can confidently send money to loved ones or business associates.

Mass Payouts:

We simplify your international payout process, whether you're paying employees, vendors, freelancers, affiliates, or beneficiaries. Experience effortless international payouts with Instarails.

75+ Countries

We deliver payments to 75+ countries in 50+ fiat currencies. Our platform supports payouts to bank accounts, eWallets, and cash pickup.

Single API

Our platform offers integration with our B2B SaaS API and lightning-fast payouts. Get a sandbox account to start testing and building with our API.