Blockchain improving cross-border payments

Blockchain improving cross-border payments

Blockchain improving cross-border payments

Dec 30, 2023

What's covered:

  • The current banking system has limitations.

  • Businesses and consumers now expect global real-time payments.

  • Blockchain in payments can improve the financial sector by speeding up transaction times, enhancing security, and reducing operational costs.


Many big financial institutions have sped up their adoption of blockchain technology. Their primary focus is integrating distributed ledger technology (DLT) into their legacy systems. This interest from major financial institutions highlights the benefits of DLT. The main reason for implementing this change is to build trust, improve efficiency, lower transaction costs, and increase speed. In addition, global businesses and customers now expect transactions, even cross-border payments, to be processed almost instantly, pushing the industry to prioritize innovative solutions that can accelerate their payment systems.

The current banking system has limitations such as restricted hours, manual processes, and disparate global systems. They generally require multiple intermediaries. The intermediaries add to the high cost with their fees and margin added to the currency exchange rates. They are also responsible for making the transactions slow, untraceable, and opaque. They may also need help from third parties like payment networks and credit card companies to facilitate cross-border payments. These third-party entities may charge high fees and gain access to sensitive data. The high costs are passed on to consumers, local merchants, and businesses, negatively impacting the recipient and their local country's GDP.


Blockchain technology eliminates obstacles by enabling real-time, secure transactions without intermediaries, lowering costs, and providing traceability of funds. It provides a distributed ledger, creating an immutable audit trail for all transactions. This reduces operational costs by lowering payment fraud, disputes, and CO2 emissions. 

Blockchain systems also enable direct money transfers to digital wallets, promoting financial inclusion for the unbanked and underbanked.

By leveraging blockchain technology, smart contracts can significantly improve security and transparency. These contracts ensure that payment transactions are only verified once all the previously agreed-upon terms and conditions have been met. This automated approach helps establish confidence among network participants by removing the need for manual involvement. Furthermore, this process simplifies compliance and regulatory checks and reduces the likelihood of fraudulent activities. It ultimately creates transparency and fosters trust among the participants in the network.


In conclusion, blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the financial industry. By enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of transactions, reducing hidden fees, and creating a reliable and secure infrastructure, blockchain technology is poised to redefine the current financial landscape. However, integrating new blockchain-based models with traditional infrastructure is crucial for their adoption. While there may be challenges to overcome, the commitment of the industry to embrace this technology presents a significant opportunity for progress and growth.

Does Instarails provide blockchain-based payment infrastructure?

Instarails offers a global solution for easy cross-border transactions while minimizing risk and cost through our innovative solution. Our system ensures that financial institutions can make global payments b2b without intermediaries, reducing costs for everyone involved and not having to share data with third parties. We connect the current disparate systems on an interoperable and decentralized network, ensuring compliance with regulations across different jurisdictions and implementing robust data security and encryption protocols to protect the data. We focus on revolutionizing cross-border payments with an interconnected blockchain payment network that does not require cryptocurrencies.

About Instarails

Instarails, an instant global blockchain payment company, aims to make international payments instant, inexpensive, and inclusive to all. The team is committed to enhancing the global economy, empowering immigrants from low and middle-income countries, and promoting financial inclusion.